You need PR, personally. Public relations, or specifically, media relations, can be helpful to not only companies that are wanting to get their name out and increase brand awareness along with advertising campaigns but is also a huge help to individuals and executives who want to position themselves as experts. 

Here are 7 reasons why you need PR to help with your executive branding strategy to position you as an expert. 

  1. It provides third-party credibility. Unlike advertising that is paid, earned media placements in relevant publications can set you apart. One or two placements in publications like Forbes is cool, but this kind of exposure over time will start turning heads
  2. It helps with SEO. The more your name is on the web in relevant sites, the better it is for you. What’s even better is if you have a website or other link mentioned in those articles. Those are golden nuggets in Google’s algorithm. 
  3. You generate fans. It can help with business, over the long haul. PR placements can, of course, produce business leads. There is an entire strategy that uses PR for generation and conversion of leads. However, it also helps with your current audience and close influencers. They are the ones that care about you and will share your articles and interviews. 
  4. It encourages your team. Once your team sees that you are getting published in the media, that will be proud of their leader. This, of course, comes with the assumption that the see you as humble. 
  5. You become more confident. As you attain more media placements, it begins to help with your personal confidence. Being interviewed and talking about yourself is not a natural thing for some. Over time, this confidence can carry over into other areas of business such as dealing with internal conflict or addressing the media during a crisis. 
  6. It can extend beyond your current leadership role. Once you build a reputation in the media, it can carry with you in case you leave your current position for any reason. It can also open up doors like non-profits and charities you are passionate about. 
  7. It’s great for your email signature. Nothing says expert on your email signature like “published in The Wall Street Journal.” 










There are several more reasons why you need PR for your executive brand, but these are just a few. As always, feel free to connect with us anytime. We’re happy to help!