Social media is an important element in furthering personal business growth for an organization. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn are essential tools used for generating brand awareness.

Personal branding on LinkedIn not only helps an individual focus on professional networking but allows opportunities to enhance their personal reputation for their audience.

Here are 9 Tips to elevate your personal brand on LinkedIn today. 

1) Take existing content, apply it to the current situation. During times of social unrest, providing users with current events can establish a constructive community.  

2) Interview a guest and write about it. Tag them on LinkedIn. Engaging with a variety of new people will allow bonds to form immediately in efforts of networking. 

3) Highlight a team member, and tag him/her. Acknowledging a team member for an accomplishment will build pride amongst their goals and aspirations. 

4) Highlight a client on something unique they are doing. Tag them. Recognizing a client on something unique they are doing builds trust and loyalty. This builds dedication for something that will benefit the client in the long run. 

5) Convert some of your best leadership quotes to a graphic image. Well written content on a graphic image is key in building your presence in addition to increase positivity. 

6) Provide commentary for a story that is relevant to your audience. Stories are great ways to connect with your audience in relation to life experiences. Audiences care most about things that affect them. 

7) Post a video of the above content instead of written form. Video engages viewers. They strike a deep connection that will make people want to share, comment, and like.

8) Post a LinkedIn Live video covering any of the above content. Answer any questions. Be an available resource when it comes to your posted content. People are always interested in listening to questions or concerns. 

9) Be consistent. Consistency in posting allows individuals to recognize your brand. You need to be recognizable in gaining intended audiences. 

As for a potential employer, it is imperative that you have an appealing social media profile that distinguishes you. Your personal LinkedIn account can help achieve your marketing goals for branding awareness. 

-Chase Brown