As a business owner or leader, it’s important to stay positive and in front of your audience during these times. Whether it is staying in front of your current clientele and customer base with a positive message, or staying on the offensive to reach a new audience, now is not the time to rest. 

Although countries worldwide are showing signs of an economic downturn, organizations are still investing time in workplace culture due to the surge of telecommuting. Through innovative tactics, corporations are taking a stand in leadership roles in promoting constructive change during these turbulent times. 

Here are five reasons why leadership roles are essential for businesses. 

Leadership addressing times of uncertainty is comforting. 

It is completely normal to display emotion to a team, clientele, or customer base. Adapting to new circumstances can build personal growth through times of adversity. 

People are afraid of the unknown.

When you as a leader and influencer speak about the positives, on what you know is certain, it puts people’s minds at ease. Your language serves a purpose at times of uncertainty. 

Be honest and positive.

It’s okay to be unsure of the future as a leader, but that needs to be stated. Trust is built in honesty. Through leadership, words and actions are essential in achieving an organization’s success through times of hardship.

Be approachable.

Don’t have closed doors all the time. In times of turmoil be an available resource. Approachable leaders are always interested in listening to questions or concerns from employees and customers. There is always room to learn something new. 

Increase your audience.

Social media or traditional media are great ways to connect with your audience during times of turmoil. The ability to promote creativity can promote social awareness for our society in fostering new ideas and opinions. 

Through times of uncertainty, proactive decision making starts with resilient leaders. As a responsible CEO for a company, your job is to create a work environment where people can constantly adapt to change. 

In understanding our culture, we constantly have to think of new and innovative ways of doing things through times of uncertainty. 

-Chase Brown