There are plenty of us who dream about being recognized. For others, the term “published” may come into play. With technology now, there are many ways to get yourself published.

Through the innovation of technology, the promotion of your work can help reach specific people in your target audience in bringing recognition to your brand. The internet can play a vital role in the efforts of putting yourself out there. 

Here 5 are tips on how to get yourself published: 

  • Put together something that is newsworthy. Timing, Significance, Proximity, Prominence, and Human Interest are five ways in which an editor considers when deciding if your potential work is newsworthy. 
  • Build a media list. Connect and add people to your media list that correlate with your idea.  
  • Write a story pitch. Your pitch should be a quick synopsis of your story idea that you would like to publicize. Make sure you gear your pitch to your projected audience. 
  • Send out the pitch by email.  After you gather up your media list, send out your pitch to your audience. Wait for a response, then follow up with your media list on your story idea. 
  • Build a relationship with your contact list. Maintain a relationship with your media list. Great relationships can be a starting point for a byline opportunity. 

Having your name on something is an amazing feeling. In the end, it may call for bragging rights.

Getting yourself published doesn’t happen overnight so don’t stress yourself if you are not receiving quick responses. It takes time, so be patient. Quality work comes to those who wait. 

-Chase Brown